Train 1-1 with Anna McManamey

and access the excellence & accountability

that produces exceptional results.

Anna McManamey Personal Trainer Sports Nutritonist doing a tricep cable pushdown in the gym

Benefit from expertly guided, personal 1-1 training sessions + fully customised nutrition & supplement planning to achieve life-changing goals.

Nothing beats the accountability of a personal coach and dedicated 1-1 training time to accelerate and enhance your overall physique success. In her premium personal training gym in Kew, Victoria, Anna will personally conduct your 1-1 sessions weekly, making adjustments as required in real time to maximise every single rep.

Accompanied by sports nutritionist designed diet plans, supplement recommendations and mindset coaching, next level results can be achieved in the most efficient way possible when face-to-face with pro athlete, Anna McManamey.


• you want to challenge yourself to achieve your best ever physique

• you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced trainee and want to up level your results

• you have a specific strength or weight loss goal in mind, and a timeframe you want to achieve this in (such as an upcoming birthday, wedding, sporting event or photoshoot)


Apply to train 1-1 with Anna by submitting the form below. Anna will be in touch to set up a call to discuss your goals, availabilities and determine if 1-1 coaching is a good fit.

Your first two sessions will be scheduled, which includes a comprehensive lifestyle & nutrition consultation & structural balance assessment. Anna will then prepare your plans which you can access via her VIP client app.

Anna will monitor your progress weekly and adapt your programs as required to help you reach your goals. You'll also be granted access to our PRIVATE community hub.

Are you looking to step on stage?

Your 1-1 training package with Anna includes:

  • Personalised training plans and programming individually formulated for your desired training outcome

  • Sports Nutritionist prepared nutrition plans based around your personal food preferences and lifestyle (meal plans or flexible dieting)

  • Weekly 1 hour personal training sessions at Reform Health & Performance, Kew

  • Weekly monitoring of your progress through check-ins and lifestyle assessments

  • All necessary diet and training adjustments based on weekly assessments and feedback

  • Personalised supplement recommendations to optimise health and training outcomes

  • Comprehensive initial goal setting and lifestyle consultation to compile your training, nutrition and physique goals and establish your start point

  • Initial structural balance assessment and movement screening to identify potential weakness and imbalances

  • BioSignature Modulation body fat assessments & hormonal profiling

  • Ongoing client-coach accountability

  • Access to the VIP client app to reach Anna between sessions

  • Access to the PRIVATE community hub to share your journey with other like-minded people

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