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I worked with Anna as my coach and mentor for around 9 months. During this time, together we have achieved fantastic results in both a 12 week challenge as well as in competition prep. She has provided me with diet and training plans and has been so supportive, pushing me to achieve my health and fitness goals. She is prompt and organised and I can highly recommend her services.


Over the past year Anna and I have been working together to reach my goal of competing as a fitness model. Anna has been a great support to me throughout the entire process. There were times where I nearly gave up but she pushed me through with her kind words of encouragement. In the end together we achieved two 5th place trophies which I couldn’t be happier with for my first season of competing. Thank you Anna for being a wonderful coach and mentor!


Thank you to Anna, my amazing coach and friend for getting me show ready and sorting out my macros. You showed me how to prep with health and plenty of carbs! The right way! Thank you for your support on the day and all that posing!


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