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I'd like to send a big thank you to Anna for training me online for 12 weeks and pre prepping me for my first ever bikini comp next year. Anna is an amazing trainer to have, even though it's online she constantly supports you and answers any questions you have 24/7. Ladies I suggest if you want help with getting in shape she is the woman to go to!!


I never thought I would be the type of person that would love going to gym and be addicted to fitness. It took a little convincing but I am so thankful for what Anna has helped me achieve. Not only do I have more confidence about my body but confidence going to gym by myself and knowing what I am doing. Gym is what I look forward to at the end of the day. I know how to eat correctly and it is no longer a stressful thing for me deciding what to eat and there is no words to describe how thankful and how much I appreciate the support I was given by Anna. If I could I would have her as my coach for many more years!


After a week of being on the program I was surprised with how much better I felt. I now understand that all the processed foods I was consuming was making me tried and sluggish. This program also gave me the energy to study and succeed. I was aiming for a loss of 6kgs and to my surprise I lost  nearly 10kgs. I am happier than ever and to this day I have managed to keep the weight off. If you are looking to feel better and lose weight then I would recommend this program. I am the healthiest I have been in my life. If you are ready to take control of your life, try this program IT WORKS!!!


It took only a few weeks for me to see the difference in my body with Anna’s programs. I struggled with the nutrition changes at first, but with Anna’s support it became so easy. I’ve learnt more than I thought I would with Anna. I know I can set my goals and get there. I know I can feed my body what it needs. I know that I can out train many people in my gym. I know I can dig deep and push my body further than I ever imagined. And I know without Anna’s advice, I’d still be the fat girl who bumbles along. My body is truly “a body redesigned by Anna.”


Its amazing how much I changed over the last three months by following the exercise and diet plans Anna prescribed for me - not only how I look, but I have more energy and feel happier than ever. During the last three months I learnt three main things: if we want to change our body, we have to eat more (right foods of course!), we don't have to do lots of cardio to lose weight but instead lift more weights (I used to be a cardio queen which made me exhausted all the time) and sleep well. Anna is the person who has changed my life. Thank you Anna!


Over the past year Anna and I have been working together to reach my goal of competing as a fitness model. Anna has been a great support to me throughout the entire process. There were times where I nearly gave up but she pushed me through with her kind words of encouragement. In the end together we achieved two 5th place trophies which I couldn’t be happier with for my first season of competing. Thank you Anna for being a wonderful coach and mentor!


I worked with Anna as my coach and mentor for around 9 months. During this time, together we have achieved fantastic results in both a 12 week challenge as well as in competition prep. She has provided me with diet and training plans and has been so supportive, pushing me to achieve my health and fitness goals. She is prompt and organised and I can highly recommend her services.

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