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Thanks to Anna's education I am so much more in tune with my body, what it likes and what it doesn’t, how it will react and respond and how it will make me feel. I also have a much greater awareness of portion control size for my meals and I know it’s okay to enjoy myself without the guilt feeling when I want to once in a while. ⁠There’s a 10kg weight loss between these pictures, however it’s the personal mental gains that are more important to me than any weight lost. I’m feeling the healthiest and happiest I have in years and I couldn’t have started this process without your help, so thank you Anna!


Anna gave me the tools I needed - a clear and easy to follow diet and training program - to lose the weight and get my life back on track. Anna's flexible and friendly approach suited me perfectly. Her responsiveness to any requests or questions I had was excellent and as an online client, that is so important and appreciated. At the end of the 12 weeks, I lost a little over 12kgs and look and feel better than I have in years.  Anna's program works and if you trust in her and the process you WILL get the results.


I had become unhappy with how I looked, and I wanted to totally transform my body by building muscle and becoming leaner. I was totally new to the world of flexible dieting and counting Macros but Anna is always happy to explain everything and offer advice as well as making adjustments when needed.  The weekly check in was always positive and she answered all my questions, offered advice and gave positive support when I needed it. The whole program is amazing, and the results were so much more than I hoped for especially being a shift worker. It became more than just a training program but a lifestyle and has set me up to continue to build on the foundations that Anna and I created together.


Anna is a brilliant coach and mentor, she is supportive and pushes me to succeed and reach my full potential. Can't recommend her more highly - it takes hard work but it's totally worth it!


I have known Anna for many years, but have been working with her as my coach for the past 5 months. I have seen more results in the past 5 months than I have in my whole last year of self-training! He results are undeniable. As a coach she is utterly reliable – always there for you, cares about your well-being, knows EXACTLY how to motivate you, and takes her job very seriously. I couldn’t ask for anyone better in my corner. I can’t wait to see the results after the next year of working together. Thanks for everything Anna!


Anna embodies all the traits that make a great coach! Anna is very experienced within the fitness industry, extremely knowledgeable, compassionate, supportive and helped me achieve my goals. When I came to Anna, I was very anxious about food and training. My goals were to lose weight, tone up and do a photoshoot. Anna gave me the tools and strategies to achieve these goals. Additionally, I became less anxious and enjoyed the process. Now that I have achieved these goals, I am moving onto bigger ones. I can't wait to work with Anna again to achieve these.


The knowledge and training Anna has provided has been life changing for me. Anna understood the health issues I was struggling with and designed my diet and workout structure to regain control. My experience training with Anna has been beyond amazing!


I was about 10 weeks out from my first bikini competition when I met Anna. I had previously done a small amount of posing practice in a group work shop but felt far less than ready to hit the stage with what I knew. I began chatting with Anna and she offered me one on one posing practice. I decided to take up her offer and it was one of the best things I ever did. Anna was so thoughtful, honest and helpful. Not once did I feel uncomfortable or like I was being judged. She made everything easy. She showed me so many ways to pose which weren’t just the generic “four quarter turns”. She taught me how to hold my body to show off my best assets, how to walk and how to have a fantastic stage presence. She had attention to detail and always made sure everything was done correctly. Anna herself is such an inspiration to me and I cannot recommend her enough. She helped me with my posing 110% and I could not have achieved the confident stage presence I held throughout my competitions without her help. Thank you Anna x


With the Townsville season B competition fast approaching I realized I needed some major help with my posing and upon a recommendation I phoned Anna.  From the very first point of contact she was professional and friendly and positive.  Although her schedule was full, Anna did everything possible to fit me in around prior bookings.  Each session was precise and the feedback invaluable and positive.  I left each session feeling like I was a million dollars and like I could achieve anything.  I have already booked Anna’s services for September 2015 and cannot recommend her highly enough.


I started working with Anna in July this year to assist with my posing and stage presence leading in to my first ANB FNQ under 30’s fitness model competition. Anna worked with me for one hour a week over nine weeks teaching me all I had to know about t-walks, posing, body awareness, personality and confidence on stage. Not only did she teach me these basics but she went the extra mile to believe in me and my ability to “rock that stage”. In the end I successfully placed first among 16 beautiful women and when given feedback from the judges, was told that “I looked natural on stage and every pose flowed on to the next”. I had always been told posing was an integral part of my preparation just as my diet and gym program was; however it wasn’t until afterwards that I truly realised how much of a difference the right guidance, support and practice can make. It can really set you apart from the rest!

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