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Choosing to work with Anna has been the best decision I’ve made for my health and fitness. For many years I have struggled with body dysmorphia and bulimia, often yo-yoing between starvation and binging. I’ve worked with many personal trainers, but not one of them has provided me with the expert nutritional guidance and meal plans that Anna has.  Tailored to meet my goals, Anna has moved me away from the gimmicks, fad diets, shakes and poor food choices towards real food, full of the nutrients to fuel my body. Her coaching and support continues to provide me with positive body image goals focused in what my body can do instead of how I think I look.


Anna has helped me achieve my goals in competing and being a stronger person, mentally and physically. She is professional, highly personable and kind. I’d recommend Anna wholeheartedly to anyone wanting to change their lives. Thank you, Anna!


I am so glad I found Anna because I am now the healthiest, fittest and happiest I have ever been. I surprise myself every day with not only my physical strength but mentally too. Anna always answers my millions of questions, listens to me on my bad days and celebrates my wins. I love the fact that she constantly makes adjustments to my diet and training to always keep me and my body guessing. I’m so grateful that Anna has taken me under her wing and I can’t wait to see what the future has in store!


Anna’s knowledge and expertise that she shared over this process was incredible. I have learnt SO much and cannot even begin to describe the amount of knowledge I now have that just 6 months ago I did not possess after 10 years. She was incredibly willing to share her expertise with me with the (many) questions I asked and the results I achieved are an additional testament to this. The challenging and exceptional workouts, the increased knowledge on both nutrition and training, and of course mindset were all awesome aspects to the coaching I received. I am incredibly grateful to have had such a period of growth physically, mentally and in my education over just 6 months!


Without Anna’s guidance, support and expert knowledge, I would never have made it up on stage, let alone achieve the results that I did! From the outset Anna provided achievable dietary plans, challenging yet fun workouts and constant support. It was reassuring to know that she was always there should I have any questions or need some extra encouragement. The fact that she herself has so much success on stage was very comforting, and the fact that she was backstage on the day of the show really calmed my nerves. I continued with Anna following the shows as her macro plans and workouts were amazingly effective. I can’t recommend Anna enough!


I started my journey with Anna in April 2017. The aim was to compete in my first ever fitness competition. To say the process was easy is is an understatement, it was challenging on every level. There is no way that I would have gotten through the 18 months of preparation without Anna. Every step of the way, good days and bad I knew I had her in my corner. To my complete surprise I placed in 3 divisions! The support through the post-competition process has been just as amazing as in the lead up to the comp. The roller coaster on the other side was steeper than I thought it would be, but Anna's unwavering support has got me through so much of it. I am now stronger and smashing PB's every week and I know that i could not have done it without the support, and constant mentoring from Anna.


Thank you to Anna, my amazing coach and friend for getting me show ready and sorting out my macros. You showed me how to prep with health and plenty of carbs! The right way! Thank you for your support on the day and all that posing!


I worked with Anna as my coach for my first ever bikini comp. She made the process of the prep an absolute breeze and gave me so much guidance about every aspect of the prep. Everything was always done professionally and on time and she was able to get me into amazing condition without ever sacrificing my health and well being. If you’re looking for a coach who is thorough, knowledgeable and cares about you as more than a client, Anna is the coach for you! Thank you so much for helping me achieve what I thought I never could!


Anna is not just a coach, she is a friend and is genuinely there for her clients. I felt so comfortable and was always able to tell Anna anything and everything. Anna's knowledge, expertise and passion is phenomenal and I wouldn't trust anyone else. Not only did we achieve my goal of competing, my reverse diet was a success and I was then able to transition into a lifestyle program with Anna. Coming from a place where I knew nothing about tracking macros and having little experience in weight training, Anna has positively changed my life and helped shape me into the person I am today.


I engaged Anna to be my online coach with the ambition to enter my first fitness competition. I wanted to be the best version of myself and be the woman I wanted to be at the coming of age 30. I surprised myself medalling in three divisions, and I attribute this success on stage as a first timer to Anna’s time, knowledge and experience that she invested in myself. She saw my potential and believed in my ability. Anna was committed to my journey to get on stage. I could not have achieved the results I did with out Anna’s efforts to keep me accountable.. Anna was always available and knew exactly what to say when at times I felt defeated. Anna was always professional through her online services, communication was never a barrier and feel like our relationship today I can consider Anna a good mentor and friend.

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