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Working with Anna over the past 2 years has completely changed my life for the better. She taught me how to incorporate the foods that I love into my diet through counting macros which has helped me lose over 10kg! The gym programs were fantastic, challenging and rewarding. This way of dieting and following gym plans that I enjoyed made me totally ready to compete on stage! I competed 5 times in a short 13 months and placed top 3 in 4/5 shows! I was crowned overall fitness champion in one show and gained 2 pro cards! Anna guided me through all 5 competitions and I have learnt so much from her.


What caught my attention the most was how "text book" she was in her training. She's very organised, very efficient and very technical. She is a professional and knows exactly how the body works and functions and this was evident in the way she trained me. Every movement had to be precise and I loved that. Some PTs would stand there and wait for time to pass but Anna really had a good eye and observed every muscle movement, the intensity, the tempo, everything! There are a million other reasons I could give for choosing Anna but what's so important is that she is strong, full of knowledge and WILL get you results!


After working with Anna for 9 months, I stepped onto stage and placed first in 3 of my divisions & finally achieved unassisted chin ups! Anna provides you with the tools you need to reach your goals. Her knowledge and experience is second to none.  Add to that, her unwavering support and encouragement.  She is the reason I look and feel the way I do these days. I might be lifting the weights and eating the food, but she is the driving force behind it all.  I can't thank her enough.


Anna’s attention to detail is impeccable. She has an exceptional amount of knowledge in nutrition and her training programs were so easy to follow and utilise with her personal coaching. She was always diligent, caring and compassionate when I needed. Yet, she was also able to push me in ways I had never been pushed before. She coached both my body and my mind. Thanks  to Anna  I have gained my confidence back after having two children and now feel strong, capable and fit. My body and mind are the strongest they have ever been!


I knew Anna was the right coach for me, she's seen and done it all and has so much knowledge being a competitor and pro herself, I've no better leader. May I add so quick on communication, because I know she really cares! I know I'm in the right hands and have learnt a lot for my own practice and career. Thank you so much!


Working with Anna has been incredible! I had gained 5kgs from stress, but working with Anna we achieved an overall loss of 10kgs for my photoshoot. Anna made changes to my nutrition and training when needed, kept me focused and responded to every email no matter what day of the week it was. I have learnt so much about how my body responds to food. I could not recommend Anna highly enough, she is definitely knowledgeable across training and nutrition.


Anna helped me with not only my relationship with food and training but with myself. She has pushed me to be better each day and has shared so much of her knowledge that I now take with me into each training session and each day. She is so open and trusting and because of that we’ve built a great relationship where she knows when to push me to get through my struggles and when to pull back and when it’s time to recover. Anna has taught me so much and has helped improve all aspects of my life - not just the fitness side so if you want to finally do something for yourself, learn life long lessons and be a part of a beautiful and encouraging team - Anna is the coach for you!    


Working with Anna has changed my life. I have lost over 24kgs and am stronger than I have ever been. Her methodology works and the support you get is personal and the tools make any change sustainable.


Working with Anna was turning point for me. So professional, caring and extremely knowledgeable. She was exactly what I needed. ⁠I started following meal plans and training programs she put together for me. I absolutely loved it. I loved feeling strong and energetic. ⁠ ⁠I went from barely eating and living on coffee, to eating 4 meals a day. In a few short weeks I couldn’t recognise myself. I felt energetic, rested and went to gym every morning. Anna’s approach is simple and it works. Just to have accountability and support was fantastic. ⁠I have learned so much from her and can not recommend her enough.


Anna is AWESOME! She measures my performance each session and tailors my nutrition and exercise program specifically for my individual needs. The changes Anna has helped me to implement into my lifestyle are very doable and sustainable. My nutrition plan is sensible and clean with no gimmicky supplements or powders. My gym sessions are focused and intense. Not only has Anna taken all of the “guess work” out of how or what I should be doing, she has been instrumental in helping me get back and stay on track when I fall off the edge and have a bad day or even a bad week. Anna is always there for me when I lack energy, motivation or faith that I can get to my goal.

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