CLIENT SPOTLIGHT: The Making of a Champion

Leaner, more muscle, better shape… How did we do it?

Gab was not an I AM client in the left picture but came to me after her first competition season eager to improve. I was excited because I saw the talent!

We had a year until her next show, so to help her transition out of prep & to make the most of her off season, we immediately implemented a structured reverse diet to gradually build up her calories while minimising fat gain.

We needed to come in a fraction leaner so we could peak properly, and keeping body fat levels in check during the off-season would mean we wouldn’t have to diet as aggressively when it came time to prep.

Key areas we focused on growing were her shoulders, lats, glutes & legs. You can see the detailing through her hips, quads and glute-ham tie in is much better in the right photo.

RIGHT: Gab’s first competition season. LEFT: Gab’s second season training with me where she took out Overall Fitness Model Champion.

The Fitness Model category really requires great shape & conditioning to stand out on stage, so spending the time creating a smaller looking waist with more muscle & less bodyfat is key to doing well here.

Gab’s first season “peak week” saw her depleting and dehydrating all the way into show day, so when it came time to start peaking her for our first show together, the fun really began!

The day before show she took in 130P 180C 65F and 8L fluids, using a front load peaking protocol – my preferred method for fitness & bikini competitors.

Gab took out the Fitness Model Overall Title at the Victorian State Championships & looked absolutely phenomenal!

Every time you step on stage, the goal should always be to bring a BETTER package than you did last time. Instead of chasing show after show, take time off competing & structure your off season intelligently to do what you need to do to improve. The results will be worth it.

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