Should Women Train Differently to Men?

Generally speaking, no. Women should apply the same core training principles as men: applying progressive overload, using a variety of exercises to achieve structural balance with emphasis on the major compound lifts, and doing so with perfect form.

Train HARD, do it consistently, and your body will change.

However, if you really want to maximise your results in the gym, there are some subtle differences to consider:


Women can handle more reps and sets per workout. This is because females are typically weaker than men and cannot recruit and stimulate their muscles as efficiently, so will benefit from performing more total volume in a training session.


Women require shorter rest periods. Because females are weaker and carry less muscle mass, they don’t tax their muscular and nervous systems to the same extent as men. Women can also burn fatty acids more efficiently. This means they can train with short rest breaks without sacrificing muscle tissue and training load, while burning more fat for fuel.


Unless they are very strong or advanced trainees, women will do best training more frequently, hitting each body part at least 2-3 times per week. #errydayisbootyday


Men and women generally differ in body parts they want to improve. In my experience, women prefer to sculpt a rounder booty, shapely legs, a strong back and capped shoulders rather than highly developed traps and pecs, so your programming will want to focus on exercises that target those areas.

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