Mind Before Movement

You’ve made it to the gym – congratulations! As busy mums, students or business women, finding the time and energy to workout can feel like a miracle some days. But do you often find yourself feeling distracted, bored or simply going through the motions?

If your workouts have been feeling a little lack-lustre, the problem could be in your head. Just as our bodies need to be warmed up before exercise, so too do our minds.

Here are four mental strategies to get you in the right headspace to smash out a killer workout, every time.

1. Clear your mind.

Before you step foot in the gym, take a few moments in your car or the change room to let go of the day’s stressful events. Close your eyes, take a few slow deep breaths, and eliminate any negative thoughts, fears or doubts. Focus only on the goals you’re there to achieve. Once your mind is clear and you’ve formed a clear vision of success, it’s time to train.

2. Remove any distractions.

Put away your mobile phone, quit the chatter and don’t focus on anyone else but yourself. You are there to do the work, not to socialise or catch up on social media. If you’re a busy woman (and I’m sure you are) then your time in the gym is precious. Don’t waste a single moment.

3. Be prepared.

Arrive at the gym with a plan, prepared and ready to go. This also means eating a staple meal 1-3hrs before your training session that is going to keep you feel strong, energetic and satiated throughout your workout.

4. Attack every rep with intention.

There’s a saying among personal trainers, “don’t just count the reps, make the reps count.” What we’re talking about here is intention. Concentrate on the exercise you’re doing, what the outcome is you’re looking to achieve, and really “feeling” the muscles working. Focus on moving the weight by engaging the target muscle first, then maintaining constant motion and tempo throughout the entire movement. As the session draws to an end, do not allow yourself to lose focus and intensity. Treat every rep with the same level of effort as if it were your first and finish the workout strong.

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