CLIENT SPOTLIGHT: This Unstoppable Mumma Achieved Her Best-Ever Body

Meet Mel. Mother of two, wife, nurse and now… Runway Model Champion!

Mel’s transformation did not happen under the easiest of circumstances, enduring the world’s longest lockdown and the challenges of home training, home schooling, and the demands of being an essential worker during a global pandemic.

Yet, she never once faulted.

At 42-years of age, Mel is in the shape of her life and proof of what can be accomplished when you truly dedicate yourself to accomplishing a goal.

Here is what she had to say about her journey working with Anna.

“I had always dreamed of competing in a figure competition and gaining confidence in my body that I had lost after having two children.

I had seen Anna training clients in a studio and I knew then and there that, she would be the right person for me.

Anna’s attention to detail is impeccable. She has an exceptional amount of knowledge in nutrition and her training programs were so easy to follow and utilise with her personal coaching.

Anna was able to transform my body and my knowledge base in an exceptional manner.

She was always diligent, caring and compassionate when I needed.

Yet, she was also able to push me in ways I had never been pushed before.

She coached both my body and my mind.

Moreover, Anna was able to transform my body to a level that would enable me complete in an ICN Bikini competition during a global pandemic.

I placed in all 5 categories I entered, including first in Runway Model and 3rd in over 40’s Bikini.

Thanks to Anna I have gained my confidence back after having two children and now feel strong, capable and fit.

My body and mind are the strongest they have ever been!

If you have any aspirations about competing in a figure show or just hope to gain back your confidence and strength then Anna is the coach for you.

She is the game changer!”

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