CLIENT SPOTLIGHT: Slow & Steady Wins the Race

How many times have you given up on a goal because you felt overwhelmed trying to change everything at once?

Eat this.
Don’t eat that.
Drink more water.
Take your vitamins.
Meal prep.
Get more steps in.
Get 7-9hrs sleep.

That’s a lot.

Taking on too many changes at once can actually decrease the likelihood of you carrying on these behaviours long term.

Instead, try focusing on making one small change at a time. Research has shown that this increases your chances of maintaining that habit for a year or more by 80%!

When Hollie started working with me she had never worked out & had no nutritional knowledge, but knew she had to make some big changes to improve her health.

We started small, & together we introduced new habits as she felt confident she could sustain them.

HABIT 1: She started PT with me 3x per week, learning the basics of weights training.

HABIT 2: We gradually increased daily water intake from 500ml to 3L daily.

HABIT 3: We focused on reducing alcohol to no more than 2 standard glasses per week.

HABIT 4: We replaced takeaway & highly processed sugary snacks with lots of homemade, unprocessed, nutrient dense whole foods.

HABIT 5: We eliminated dairy & gluten which were causing her gut, skin, hormonal & hay fever symptoms.

HABIT 6: We focused on eating 4 “complete” meals per day, which included a quality protein & variety of vegetables.

HABIT 7: We started daily walks to increase activity levels & help with stress management.

The result?

More energy.
Increased strength & muscle tone.
Clearer skin.
Improved gut health.
Consistent, sustainable fat loss which she was even able to maintain during 8 months of Covid lockdown!

I know we all want immediate results, but the truth is dramatic & extreme methods don’t last.

It takes TIME to build a healthy metabolism, continued PRACTICE to create an environment conducive to success, & PATIENCE to see the results of that.

It’s not quick or sexy, but it can actually make the difference between losing weight & KEEPING it off, or continuing to lose & regain the same kilos over & over.

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