CLIENT SPOTLIGHT: When COVID Cancels Your Comp Prep

Nikou had been in prep since November 2019 for her first ever competition. With only weeks to go, the former MMA-fighter received news that her show had been cancelled due to the Covid-19 crisis.

Having witnessed the immense dedication and passion Niki had put in to her prep, it was a bitter pill to swallow. Anybody who has gone through a competition prep would understand the many sacrifices and costs (physically, mentally, financially) that are involved, and to not be able to showcase that hard work on stage, through no choice of their own, is truly devastating.⁠

Despite the news, Niki’s attitude has been nothing short of amazing and we’ve now adjusted our plans to compete once competitions resume.

Here’s what she had to say about her experience so far:

What motivated you to start your fitness journey?

I have always loved sports and fitness. At every point in my life I’ve been doing some form of sports. Weights has always been there though. I loved and took inspiration from those who walked on stage and completed comp preps. I also wanted to see what the best version of “me” would look like! I always want new challenges so this was just what I needed. 

Why did you choose to work with Anna?

There were many reasons why I wanted to work with Anna. Initially I thought wow her photos look amazing, she’s so fit and so strong minded, she has so much knowledge in this discipline and it’d be amazing to be coached by a true professional”. Then the more I worked with her the more reasons I found for being coached by Anna. She knows the female body very well, every small bit, and knows exactly how to adjust or shift things that will better YOUR body. It’s not just a program generic for everyone, it’s custom made for YOU. She also really showed me care and companionship, doing things that she wasn’t even paid for just out of kindness! When my comp was cancelled and I grieved, she teared up with me, at that point I really knew she put her genuine heart and soul into training me, because tearing up for a student isn’t something you can fake. There are a million other reason I could give for choosing Anna but what’s so important is that she is strong, full of knowledge and WILL get you results.

What were some of your goals when you started?

My main goal was so step on stage and compete in a bikini competition.
Also to form healthy habits and live a healthy lifestyle! 

What are your goals now?

My goals still remain. I still want to compete! But I also want to better myself, strengthen my mentality and to work on my weaknesses for my competition.

What have been your greatest achievements so far?

Being able to stick to a strict diet for over 15 weeks without breaking was somthing I thought I might struggle with but I didn’t! That to me was one of my greatest acheievement.

What were/are your biggest struggles and how did you & Anna overcome them?

One of my weak points were my stress and anxiety levels… I get very very anxious and stressed. Anna helped me so much to manage that by making a daily plan with me, giving me natural home remedy/supplements advice to help ease my stress, help me organise everything in advance to avoid last minute stresses, lifted my self esteem and motivated me throughout the whole process. We worked together to overcome any stress, injuries or difficulties that we faced.

What in particular did you like about Anna’s approach?

What caught my attention the most was how “Text book” she was in her training. She’s Very organised, very efficient and very technical. She is a professional and knows exactly how the body works and functions and this was evident in the way she trained me. Every movement had to be precise and I loved that. Some PTs would stand there and wait for time to pass but Anna really had a good eye and observed every muscle movement, the intensity, the tempo, everything!

How would you describe your experience as a whole?

My experience as a whole was second to none. The amount of things I learnt and achieved are just AMAZING! I absolutely trust Anna with every program and plan she lays in front of me.

What advice would you give to new people just starting out?

It might be scary and risky, giving someone control over your body, and investing in them, but all I can say is, Don’t think twice. I would trust Anna with my eyes closed. She’ll take care of you!

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