CLIENT SPOTLIGHT: Fitness Champ Over-40

Before she started training with me, Sam Wells thought lifting heavy weights and eating more would transform her into the Incredible Hulk!

Sam not only completely transformed her body composition, gaining 4kg lean mass and losing 5% body fat, she took out three first places in her first ever fitness competition.⁠ At 44-years of age, Sam believes she’s in better shape now than she was in her twenties.

Here’s what she had to say about her body transformation experience and journey to the competition stage:

“My fitness journey with Anna began when I decided to compete in body sculpting.  Competitive by nature, I had always been involved in sport and whilst I frequented the gym, I lacked the guidance and knowledge that a great coach can provide (both training and nutrition).

I was a little uneducated. I thought that lifting weights would facilitate a body shape liken to that of the “Incredible Hulk…ess”. I went from eating twice a day with no carbs after 6pm and a focus on cardio training to eating five times a day with carbs after 6pm and a focus on weight training.

After working with Anna for 9 months, I stepped onto stage and placed first in 3 of my divisions. To get up there was a win in itself, the accolades were an added bonus (as was the ability to finally execute unassisted chin ups!).

Anna provides you with the tools you need to reach your goals. Her knowledge and experience is second to none. Add to that, her unwavering support and encouragement. She is the reason I look and feel the way I do these days. I might be lifting the weights and eating the food, but she is the driving force behind it all.

I can’t thank her enough, and it may be cliche, but fitness is a lifestyle. It is definitely about the journey and not the destination, and whilst it’s important to set goals (I do this often), enjoying and embracing the experience is fundamental to your continued growth.”

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