CLIENT SPOTLIGHT: Finding Her Fierce

Only 18 months ago Carlee was discharged from hospital suffering debilitating anxiety and depression. Throughout our time working together she has cultivated a healthier body image, a more balanced perspective towards food and eating, added 60kg to her hip thrust, 40kg to her squat, and has overcome so many of the self-limiting beliefs that previously held her back.

Here’s what she had to say about her journey:

“I started working with Anna after falling in love with the fitness lifestyle in early 2020 but realising I needed more help to not only manage my mental health but to achieve some big goals I set for myself. I chose Anna not only because of her wealth of knowledge but how dedicated she is to all of her clients.

I came from a pretty bad place mentally and physically and Anna helped me with not only my relationship with food and training but with myself. She has pushed me to be better each day and has shared so much of her knowledge that I now take with me into each training session and each day. Not only did I have strength goals at the start (that I’ve now hit and have created new ones) but I had mental health goals which I can also say have been achieved and are still improving each day. 

She is so open and trusting and because of that we’ve built a great relationship where she knows when to push me to get through my struggles and when to pull back and when it’s time to recover. Anna has a holistic approach to health and fitness and I love how she tailors her coaching to each and every client as she understands we’re all different – there’s no “cookie cutter” approach here. 

Anna has taught me so much and has helped improve all aspects of my life – not just the fitness side so if you want to finally do something for yourself, learn life long lessons and be a part of a beautiful and encouraging team – Anna is the coach for you!”

Being apart of this young woman’s mental and physical transformation has been a privilege I am so very grateful for.

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