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Why Arch Your Back When Bench Pressing?


The shoulder is a “ball and socket” joint, and the most mobile in the body. This means it’s also the least stable.

PEAK WEEK: Legs Day Training

My full Peak Week legs & glutes workout, 5 days out from the 2018 WBFF Worlds in Las Vegas.

You shouldn’t be trying to build.

PEAK WEEK: Back & Biceps Workout

My Back & biceps workout, 4 days out from the 2018 WBFF World Championships. I also talk a little about peak week training and.

PEAK WEEK: Delts & Abs Workout

Here’s a little look at how I train Delts and Abs in the final days leading into a show.

This was 2 days out from.

Glutes & Hamstrings Workout

If you’re looking to grow your glutes and hammies then this workout is for YOU!

The first four banded exercises serve as activation drills to.

Full Body Workout

I dunno about you guys, but sometimes it feels near impossible to get to the gym 5/6 days per week to train each separate.

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