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Why Arch Your Back When Bench Pressing?


The shoulder is a “ball and socket” joint, and the most mobile in the body. This means it’s also the least stable.

HOW TO: DB Split Squat

Do you suffer from knee troubles or tight hips? Do you want to improve the depth and quality of your squats?

If you answered “yes”.

HOW TO: Cable Glute Kickbacks

These are a great accessory exercise for building the glutes IF performed correctly. If not, the only thing they’re great for is giving your.

HOW TO: Mermaid Raise

These will light up your shoulders like no tomorrow!

Performing side lateral raises while seated on the floor takes all momentum out of the movement.

Perfect Your Hip Thrust

The Hip Thrust is without doubt one of the best lifts for building and strengthening the Glutes. But like anything, if not performed correctly,.

HOW TO: Close Grip Seated Row

One of my favourite exercises for improving posture and developing a stronger, more detailed back is the Close Grip Seated Row.

You want to avoid.

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