Why I Don’t Recommend Protein Bars

Protein bars used to be a snack for those mega-muscular guys in the weight room, but with more and more products on the market targeting women, they are fast becoming a purse staple. They're...

Should Women Train Differently to Men?

Generally speaking, no. Women should apply the same core training principles as men: applying progressive overload, using a variety of exercises to achieve structural balance with emphasis on the...

RECIPE: Super Greens Smoothie

Boost your nutritional intake & feed your good gut bacteria with my Super Greens Smoothie from my e-book The Transformation Recipe Book. Loaded with nutritious green goodies & quality...

Estrogen Dominance & Stubborn Fat Loss

Estrogen dominance (or oestrogen dominance) is a state in which the body contains too much estrogen compared to progesterone. Both hormones play crucial roles in a woman's health & menstrual...

Stop Emotional Eating with Mindfulness

What if there was a way you could eliminate emotional, out of control eating from your life for good? You can -- thanks to a practice called 'Mindful Eating'. Most of us are unaware when we are...

CLIENT SPOTLIGHT: Finding Her Fierce

Only 18 months ago Carlee was discharged from hospital suffering debilitating anxiety and depression. Throughout our time working together she has cultivated a healthier body image, a more balanced...

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