Top 5 Supplements for Fat Loss

The physiology of fat loss is highly nutrient dependent. In order for fat loss to occur, you must be in a calorie deficit, which unfortunately increases the chance of nutrient deficiencies - even if...

Balancing Alcohol with your Fitness Goals

It’s 5pm on Friday, and for most of us, that means one thing: after work drinks! While enjoying a glass or two is fine in moderation, it’s important to first understand how alcohol may be...

Top Tips to Beat the Holiday Bloat

If you’re not ending Christmas day slumped on the couch in a food coma in the loosest fitting pants you own, is it even Christmas? ‘Tis the season for over-indulgence after all, but...

Why We Sabotage Our Own Goals

If you feel like you’re constantly self-sabotaging your own goals, you need to ask yourself this one question: "What unconscious BENEFIT am I getting out of this self-sabotaging...

CLIENT SPOTLIGHT: Slow & Steady Wins the Race

How many times have you given up on a goal because you felt overwhelmed trying to change everything at once? Eat this.Don’t eat that.Drink more water.Take your vitamins.Meal prep.Train.Get more...

Why I Don’t Recommend Protein Bars

Protein bars used to be a snack for those mega-muscular guys in the weight room, but with more and more products on the market targeting women, they are fast becoming a purse staple. They're...

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