PEAK WEEK: Delts & Abs Workout

Here’s a little look at how I train Delts and Abs in the final days leading into a show. This was 2 days out from the 2018 WBFF World Championships in Las...

PEAK WEEK: Back & Biceps Workout

My Back & biceps workout, 4 days out from the 2018 WBFF World Championships. I also talk a little about peak week training and cardio the days leading into a...

PEAK WEEK: Legs Day Training

My full Peak Week legs & glutes workout, 5 days out from the 2018 WBFF Worlds in Las Vegas. You shouldn't be trying to build muscle and break PR's during peak week. The aim is to achieve a...

Why Arch Your Back When Bench Pressing?

PROTECT YOUR SHOULDERS The shoulder is a “ball and socket” joint, and the most mobile in the body. This means it’s also the least stable and most susceptible to injury - especially under heavy...

TUTORIAL: How to Make Butternut Pumpkin Sauce

Tired of eating bland, boring "diet food"? In this video, Rob from eXplosive Custom Macros share's with us a quick and easy recipe for a delicious, low carb Butternut Pumpkin Sauce that will turn...

TUTORIAL: How To Make Veggies that Don’t Suck

We know veggies are a staple in any healthy eating plan, but they don't exactly tantalise the taste buds. Here's an easy way to make delicious tasting veggies you'll look forward to eating. Want...

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